The Duke’s 10 Tips for the Modern Gentleman

1.       Always be warm and friendly to others.  Say "please" and "thank you" often.  Nothing opens doors for one like a smile and a friendly attitude.  Once you kill them with style, kill them with kindness.


2.      Be a good listener and take an interest in other people’s lives.  Everyone loves to be made to feel important and welcome.  It’s a sure fire way to be popular with all people.  Self-centeredness is vulgar.


3.      Don’t be a financial idiot.  Wearing suits and living a lifestyle one can’t afford is pathetic and unstylish.  Live within your means, budget your income and look for deals on luxury items to live fabulously.


4.      Don’t be afraid of grooming.  Real men spend time in front of the mirror.  Don’t be ashamed to have a skincare, fragrance, hair and nail routine.  Most men won’t admit to having a beauty regime, but every man has a bathroom full of products.


5.      Have the courage to dress up and accessorise in this increasingly casual world.  Set a sartorial example and be a leader.  Don’t feel pressured to dress down or embarrassed to dress better than everyone around you.


6.      Don’t be materialistic.  To be truly stylish, one shouldn’t be overly concerned with material things.  Accept that clothing is a frivolous pursuit and wear them with an air of indifference.


7.      Develop elegance of manners and eloquence of speech.  They are one’s most important fashion accessories. No gentleman can be considered well-dressed without them.


8.     Don’t be fashionably late.  It’s rude.  Fashionable lateness is what one does only when he can’t afford a fashionable suit.


9.      Be an individual.  The key is to look your individual best.  “Following fashion is for sheep, but handmade, bespoke tailoring is for the true gentleman and lady,” I always say.


10.  Be of substance.  Define yourself by your purpose, contributions, friends, family and how you treat others.  Then get dressed.