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Myrtle Takes Tea Summary


It is unlikely that lonely and depressed 9-year-old Myrtle Madison will pass the fourth grade, and even less likely that she will care. Stressed out by mean Catholic school teachers and classmates and her parents’ constant money problems, Myrtle has checked out of her American suburban life altogether. All that matters to Myrtle is her bizarre obsession with drinking tea, along with her prized toy rabbit Earl Grey and an after-school apprenticeship at Tigerhill and Castleton's, a local tea shop. When Myrtle is misdiagnosed at school with LSDD, Learning and Social Deficit Disorder, and learns she will have to take a mind-numbing medication, she desperately runs away from school to the tea shop and hides in the basement where she discovers the Twin Kingdoms of Tcha and Arabica, the kingdoms of tea and coffee who are at war. In Tcha, Myrtle meets the Duke of Earl Grey: aristocratic hare, celebrity master sword-fighter, lover of luxury and the good life, and hater of the paparazzi who document his every move. He immediately becomes Myrtle's new best friend and replaces the toy rabbit. The Duke teaches her fencing and the art of swordplay. Myrtle quickly becomes a champion fencer and finds that in the battle for peace with Kingdom Arabica, as well as in the battle against depression, the sword is perhaps more her cup of tea than tea itself!  With knee-slapping good times with Tips Fannings the hipster fox, St. James the sensible mouse, and the lovably insane Queen Darling Darjeeling, this is a deep, honest and touching story that will educate and uplift the spirits of both children and grown-ups!


ISBN 978-0-9567719-0-2/ Stella Maris Publishing



210 pages


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The Twin Kingdoms Series


          The five novels about Tcha and Arabica follow Myrtle through her fourth grade year at St. Bonaventure Catholic School and her parallel tea time adventures with the Duke of Earl Grey in the Twin Kingdoms and their fight for the reunification of Tcha with Arabica.  From the beginning of her school year in the autumn to its finale in June, Myrtle’s development from failing student to academic achiever mirrors her development in the Twin Kingdoms from a sufferer of depression and self-hatred into a fencing champion and swordswoman.  For the reader, the five novels are also a tool of tea and coffee education, each story an imaginative walk through tea and coffee culture and history.  The novels in the series in order are:  Myrtle Takes Tea, and the forthcoming The Knights of Arabica, A Christmas Tea, Journey to the Secret City of Lung Ching, and The Counterrevolution of Arabica-Tcha.

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