Anti-Riot Tea

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Blessed are the TEA makers, for they shall be called children of God!

Read our official Anti-Riot Tea Press Release!

Anti-Riot Tea Press Release.pdf

The Anti-Riot Tea Manifesto

(the complete PDF coming soon!)


Article I:  “Introduction” by Alexander Stacey


Article II:  “World Riot Report” by Tips Fannings


Article III:  “How to Anti-Riot” by Myrtle Madison


Article IV:  “How to Riot Like a Gentleman” by the Duke of Earl Grey


Article V:  “Rioting Protection Guidelines for the Filthy Rich”

by HRH Queen Darjeeling Darjeeling


Article VI:  “The Economic and Social Impact of Rioting” by St. James


Our Mission Statement:

We, the characters of Myrtle Takes Tea  have been greatly affected by the recent riots in London and elsewhere across the globe. We believe that rioting is caused by inequality, injustice, social frustration, lack of opportunity, and a lack of resources.  Thus, we have begun this educational non-violence and community support campaign in which ten percent of all our paperback profits go to the charity members campaign.  When you support Myrtle Takes Tea, you automatically support the community!

  1. To donate 10% of Myrtle Takes Tea book profits to help charities that improve the lives of young people in London and other cities;
  2. To encourage and promote the growth of tea peace campaigns and events, educating individuals and groups on starting their own non-violent, community-building tea peace campaigns;
  3. To get tea businesses active in raising money for the youth charities of their local communities;
  4. And to educate the public about global injustice and inequality, the root causes of rioting;