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Princess Sumatra Harrar of Arabica

The rebel princess of the Kingdom of Arabica who is determined to become Queen against the wishes of her family.  Close comrade of the Duke and Myrtle.


St. James

Chauffeur and valet to the Duke of Earl Grey.  Stock market and investment genius.  One of Port Ceylon’s richest yet humblest mice.  Does not speak outside of the occasional squeak.

Tips Fannings

The mod fox social scenester, always seen in slick, tailored suits with his 1960’s style-scooter.  Best friend to the Duke, St. James and Myrtle.  The cleverest news reporter and editor on Steep Street.  Works for the Port Ceylon Standard.

Myrtle Madison

Nine-year-old fourth grader at St. Bonaventure Catholic School.  Tea-lover, prodigy fencer and battler of depression.  Currently failing all subjects.  Recently misdiagnosed at school with LSDD, Learning and Social Deficit Disorder.

Jonathan, the Duke of Earl Grey

The 2nd Duke of the Royal Province of Earl Grey and Captain of the Queen’s Royal Guard.  Celebrity swords-hare.  Lover of luxury and the good-life, vintage sparkling grape juice, hater of the paparazzi.  Notorious for sleeping until noon.  

Queen Darling Darjeeling

The terribly beautiful and wonderfully insecure King of Tcha who prefers the title “Queen.” Fierce, frantic and fabulous.  Dedicated follower of Indian fashion.

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The Characters

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