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Fencing is a fun and traditional sport that dates from the middle ages in Europe.  The sport involves two opponents fighting each other with fencing weapons, swords without sharp blades.  Fencing can be divided into three categories:  Modern (or sport) fencing, classical fencing and historical fencing. Modern fencing is the Olympic sport that is derived from 18th century French fencing.  There are three weapons used in modern fencing:  the foil, the sabre and the epee (which is Myrtle’s favourite).  Historical fencing is a form of European martial arts that teaches swordplay as a defense, not for sport. Classical fencing falls in between modern and historical fencing.  It applies historical fencing principles to the modern fencing techniques of the Olympic sport.  


Want to start fencing or just try out a class?  There are fencing clubs and classes all over the USA and the UK.  Most clubs have equipment that you can use until you are ready to invest in your own fencing kit.  Fencing is a great way to receive scholarships to college, especially for girls!  Check the fencing websites below for more information and start fencing today!


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