Stella Maris Publishing

About Us


Stella Maris Publishing is an independent London publishing company founded in 2010 to publish the juvenile fictional works of Alexander Stacey.  “Run cooperatively” by the characters of Myrtle Takes Tea and other books, Myrtle, the Duke of Earl Grey, Tips Fannings and St. James are the personnel behind our marketing, sales, web and graphic design, social media, editing, photography and journalism. Stella Maris occupies a unique niche in producing humourous, quirky stories for children which are equally enjoyed by adults.  Our range of stories possess an uncompromising message of spirituality, good values, friendship and wisdom independent of the market trends and demands met by major publishers, making us indispensible in the world of English children’s literature.


About Alexander Stacey


Alexander Stacey is a children’s novelist, tea-drinker, publisher, kind of an illustrator, champagne-lover, book designer, designer of this website, rosary-maker, sometimes fencer and marionette puppet maker when I get around to it who lives in London, England and in Port Ceylon, the Kingdom of Tcha along with the rest of the characters.  Stay tuned for four more books in the Twin Kingdoms series and other novels!