Type of Tea

Water Temperature

Steeping Instructions


Boiling 99 °C (210 °F)

3-4 minutes

Steep only once


Before boiling 75 to 80 °C (167 to 176 °F)

2-3 mins

Steep 2-3 times


Just before boiling  (from green or dark) 80 to 90 °C (176 to 194 °F)

2-4 mins (or to taste)

Steep 2-3 times

(up to 6 gongfu style)


Before boiling 65 to 70 °C (149 to 158 °F)

1-2 mins

Steep at least 3 times


Tisanes/Rooibos/ Maté


Boiling 99 °C (210 °F)

5-6 mins

(will not oversteep)

Steep only once

Tea Preparation Chart

Tea should be steeped from whole, loose tea leaves in a cup or in a teapot using a strainer.  Use 1 teaspoon of leaves per each 8 ounce/250 ml cup.  To make tea stronger, use more tea leaves, but do not over-steep.  


Fill the kettle with fresh, cold water and heat to correct temperature according to the chart below.  Do not use previously boiled water or allow your water to boil longer than 30 seconds.  Over-boiled water has deoxidized (lost its oxygen) and will ruin the flavour of the tea, causing it to taste flat. (Previously boiled water does not alter the taste of tisanes, rooibos, maté and other steeped non-tea plant products as dramatically.)  Put loose leaves down into the strainer into the cup or pot and pour the hot water over them (or steep leaves loose and strain at the end).  Steep teas according to their appropriate steeping times.