The Twin Kingdoms of Tcha and Arabica

New Twin Kingdoms Map.jpg

The Twin Kingdoms are the wealthiest nations in the world.  Supported by the daily demand for tea and coffee across the globe, they exist invisibly right under our noses in every cup from morning until night.  Although they mirror each other in landscape and the sword-fighting tradition, life in Tcha and Arabica couldn’t be more opposite.  And they are currently at war.

The Kingdom of Tcha, the tea kingdom, is the noble kingdom of wisdom, peace and friendship.  The eleven provinces are the natural home of the tea plant where the clocks show no hours, only the time of tea.  Port Ceylon is its mellow-paced, picturesque, cosmopolitan capital, located in the Royal Province of Ceylon at the edge of the Nachtzee.  The River Oolong runs through the middle of the kingdom down through Port Ceylon where it empties into the Nachtzee.  The Uva Highlands mountains occupy the landscape of the west.

The Kingdom of Arabica, the coffee kingdom, is the mighty kingdom of power, strength and victory.  Their  provinces are the natural home of the coffee plant.  Its capital is Arabica City, a fast-paced, bustling, rat race of a city where something exciting is always happening, located in the Province of Java.  The Excelso River runs down through the middle of the kingdom through Arabica City where it empties into the Nachtzee.  The High Mountains and Blue Mountain occupy the middle provinces in the heart of the kingdom.